Vehicle and fleet services

Initiating and developing comprehensive plans to acquire, operate and remarket a vehicle fleet are big tasks. This is particularly seen when the fleet size is too small to justify a full time fleet manager, yet is too big to be left to chance. All fleet sizes can generate serious administrative, legal and operational difficulties, but if a fleet grows to 25 or more in size, especially if there is a significant commercial vehicle content, the problems can soon overwhelm company officers whose “day” job was never envisaged to include this activity. To satisfy this growing need, Holmwood now provides a range of management services to the vehicle fleet management and funding market.

Head of Business is Bill Daulby, whose CV includes motor manufacturer, importer, retailers, leasing and funding providers. He has a comprehensive grasp of all aspects of the vehicle industry, and can therefore deliver high quality strategic vehicle and driver management solutions to all corporate and public sector fleets. Holmwood acts with a range of industry partners and can find a solution to any and every vehicle – related issue facing any size of fleet operator, whether SME, corporate or public entity.

  • The supply and/or funding of Cars, Vans, Trucks and Specialist Vehicles on Corporate Leasing, Contract Hire, Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase agreements. We adopt a consultative approach with our corporate and public sector clients, using our industry experience to assess their vehicle and driver-related needs.
  • Fleet & Accident Management on Cars, Vans, Trucks and Specialist Vehicles. We’ve teamed up with industry-leading providers of these services to offer competitive fleet and accident management with full bespoke terms and reporting capabilities.
  • Short, Medium and Long Term Rental on Cars, Vans, Trucks and Specialist Vehicles.
  • Affinity and Employee Car Lease Programmes.
  • Consultation and solution services relating to Duty of Care, and the management of Occupational Road Risks. The development of heavier financial and custodial penalties on companies and their directors who fail to comply with laws governing the management of Road Risks mean that fleet operators need to have in place a robust programme to ensure they and their drivers are compliant. Employers who allow employees to use their own cars on company business also have this Duty of Care to this class of driver – the so-called ‘grey’ fleet.
  • Vehicle Re-marketing solutions. It’s all very well buying at competitive terms, but if the disposal channels become clogged or operate inefficiently, cost advantages at the front end of a vehicle’s life can be dissipated very quickly at the end of its term. We have key partnerships with re-marketing professionals who can help to minimise whole of life vehicle costs.